DOCUMENT: Charlie Sheen Attorney Files For Modification To Restraining Order has obtained the modification request that Charlie Sheen’s attorney, Richard Cummings, filed with the Aspen courts Wednesday, pertaining to Sheen’s Temporary Restraining Order that is in place barring him from communication with his wife, Brooke Mueller.

Read The Modification Request

As previously reported Mueller is currently in a Los Angeles area hospital ICU due to an infection she incurred following a previous oral surgery.

Sheen visited the hospital Wednesday morning, but, although he was able to be in the physical vicinity of Mueller, due to the terms of his current restraining order he was barred from actually communicating with her.

Brooke Mueller In Hospital ICU

Cummings is requesting the restraining order be modified to allow communication between the two, at least while Mueller is in the hospital. In the papers Cummings wrote that Sheen “is concerned and feels the necessity to assist and care for his wife.”

Mueller and Sheen were due in court in Aspen Tuesday morning to discuss the TRO, but as reported the hearing was postponed to Friday.

The judge has yet to rule on the request.

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