Conan O’Brien’s Manager Begs NBC “Reverse Your Decision”

Amid reports that Conan O’Brien may collect as much as $30 million from NBC for NOT doing The Tonight Show, the funny man’s high voltage manager Gavin Polone has asked the network to change its corporate mind.

Conan O’Brien Says He Won’t Take Part In Destruction Of Tonight Show

“They don’t have to do this,” Polone told “I’ve said it directly to them over and over. ‘Reverse your mistake. Reverse your decision’.”

Polone would like NBC to leave his client as host of Tonight with its start time remaining at 11:35 pm. What it does with Jay Leno, well, that’s not his problem.

NBC Cancels The Jay Leno Show

To say it is unlikely that NBC will leave Conan at Tonight and send Leno out to pasture is an understatement of major proportions. But that hasn’t stopped Polone from trying.

VIDEO: Conan O’Brien Jokes About His Future

NBC is planning an official announcement on its split from Conan on Sunday.

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