Conan O'Brien, Fox Could Speak This Week

Conan O’Brien is unemployed, but probably not for long: the ex-host of The Tonight Show and Fox could talk as soon as early as this week about bringing the NBC cast-off back to late night.

“Chances like this don’t come around very often,” an inside source told the NY Post. “If Fox wants to be in late night, now’s the time.”

Conan O’Brien Signs $44 Million Deal To Leave Tonight Show

Fox’s entertainment president Peter Reilly did little to dispel rumors of the network’s keen interest in the comic, who he called “one of the few guys on the planet who has demonstrated he can do one of these shows every night” in an interview last week.

O’Brien’s settlement with the NBC enables the red-headed comedian to seek employment elsewhere as early as this fall.

VIDEO: Robin Williams Tells Conan O’Brien – “You Got Screwed”

Fox has tried in the past to compete in the late night talk medium with little success, as programs hosted by Chevy Chase (1993) and Joan Rivers (1986-1987) were cancelled within a year of their debut.

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