Charlie Sheen, Wife: Leave Cameras Out Of Courtroom

Charlie and Brooke Mueller Sheen filed requests to ban KUSA-TV, a Denver-based NBC affiliate, from their hearing in an Aspen, Colorado courtroom next week, because televised coverage would “increase the circus-like atmosphere” of the case.

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The hearing in question, slated for January 20, will address a mutual goal of both Sheens: to remove a provision in mandatory protection order that bans them from communicating with each other. The couple, their attorneys said, are interested in reconciling.

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The Two and a Half Men star’s attorney, Richie Cummins, said in court papers filed Tuesday: “As intensely personal as this process is, [Charlie Sheen] accepts that his status as a celebrity comes with a level of scrutiny in his personal life… he understands that there will be media coverage of this case, and he does not seek to eliminate it.

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“He does, however, seek to minimize its impact,” Cummins wrote, “so as to protect his right to a fair trial and to preserve for the alleged victim a modicum of privacy during this intensely painful and difficult time.”

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The actor was arrested Christmas Day in Aspen, Colorado in connection with two domestic violence-related felony charges and was released after posting the $8,500 bond. He will appear in court February 8 to address the shocking holiday incident.

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