Britney Spears Caught Parking In Handicapped Spot

Oops! Britney Spears was caught making a parking gaffe on Wednesday when her bodyguard parked her brand new BMW in a handicapped spot.

PHOTOS: Britney Parks in Handicapped Spot

Spears was in the passenger seat when her bodyguard Edan Yemini parked in the barred space between two handicapped spots, thus blocking any wheelchair bound people from freely accessing the ramp. Clearly, the pop star didn’t have any hesitations about the decision.

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After parking, Spears and Yemini headed straight into the building, presumably for a workout at the private gym, staying for at least an hour as their car remained illegally placed!

Spears is just the latest celebrity to get caught red-handed (by photographers anyway). Jennifer Aniston was snapped driving around Los Angeles on Tuesday while talking on her cell phone which is illegal in California.

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