Britney Conservatorship Hearing Sealed – Judge Clears Court Room

UPDATE: After two hours in a closed courtroom discussing her conservatorship Britney has left the courthouse. The pop star was escorted out by 5 sheriff’s deputies.

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Britney’s dad remains in the court, which is about to be opened to the public again. An announcement on today’s proceedings is expected shortly.


Britney Spears was in a Los Angeles courtroom Friday, sporting brown locks with blond streaks, and with her dad Jamie next to her.

Britney was in court regarding the conservatorship that was put in place following a series of very public melt-downs that resulted with a stay in hospital for the once troubled pop star.

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Britney’s attorneys requested the court be sealed, which the judge granted, subsequently throwing everyone out of the court room.

Britney hasn’t spoken herself so far, relying on her attorney instead.

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This is only the second time Britney has appeared in front of a judge since her conservatorship started, and her father was granted control over her legal and financial affairs, back in early 2008.

Story developing….

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