BOOK: John Edwards Wanted Mistress To Abort Their Baby

When John Edwards discovered that his mistress was pregnant he wanted her to abort their baby and even asked one of his aides to help talk her into doing it.

That revelation comes from The Politician, a new book by Andrew Young, Edwards’ long-time aide. Young helped Edwards cover up his cheating scandal and even publicly claimed to be the father of Rielle Hunter’s baby to mislead the press while Edwards ran for president.

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Edwards finally acknowledged paternity of Hunter’s baby last week, two years after the birth of Frances Quinn.

Young makes it clear Edwards desperately wanted Hunter to abort when he was told she was pregnant. The former aide says that Hunter threatened to go public with evidence of their affair and that Edwards was cursing and outraged when he discovered she was pregnant.

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The presidential candidate called her a “crazy slut” to Young and confided that she previously said she was physically unable to get pregnant. He asked Young to help him talk her into an abortion.

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Edwards’ affair was exposed by the National Enquirer, which, after revealing the relationship, then caught him visiting Hunter in the middle of the night in a Los Angeles hotel. That discovery led to his public confession of cheating.

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