AUDIO: Stranger Calls 911 After Discovering Anna Kournikova’s Injured Brother

This is the 911 call made by a concerned, anonymous neighbor on January 19th following the discovery of Anna Kournikova’s little 5-year-old half brother, soaking wet and injured on the street outside his Palm Beach Florida home.

Anna Kournikova’s Mom Arrested For Child Neglect

In the call, the caller says he doesn’t know the little boy, who later identifies himself as Allan. The caller says that Allan told him he jumped out of the window, and that he is “soaking wet”.

He says that Allan said that no-one is at home and when he asks him where his mom is, Allan says she’s “at the bank”.

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The caller says that there are no visible injuries on Allan, but that he’s “very upset”. He asks Allan which window he jumped out of and the little boy says that it was the second story.

As previously reported, Kournikova’s mother, Alla, was subsequently arrested and charged with child neglect.

Police documents stated that Alla Kournikova left the child alone to run errands because “he did not want to go with her.”

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After police arrived on the scene they found all the doors at the home locked with a deadbolt. They entered the house by climbing up a ladder to the second story roof and entered the house looking for any evidence of foul play or possible crime victims.

Read The Police Booking Report

All the first floor windows were painted shut or shuttered and police could not locate the key for the dead bolted doors so they left the house via the same ladder they used to gain entrance.

According to the Palm Beach police, Anna’s mother left Allan alone for over 50 minutes.  The documents said that after he jumped 15 feet down out of his bedroom window he jumped in the pool because his feet hurt.  The documents said he has “bruising about his feet and lower back” as a result of the fall from the second story window.


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