White House Crashers In Court: $325,000 Watch Seized to Pay $925 Gardening Bill

White House party crashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi were hauled into court Friday over an unpaid $925 bill to A1A Home Improvement and Lawn Care service, the company in charge of their lawn maintenance.

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The couple faced legal interviews concerning their failure to pay for the services, resulting in the plaintiff’s attorney Daniel J. Pond suggesting seizure of personal property to satisfy the debts.

Pond requested that the Warren County (VA) District judge seize Tareq Salahi’s $325,000 Patek, Phillipe Geneve watch for resale. Because the watch is significantly more expensive that the amount owed, the remaining money will be returned to the Salahis once the debt is paid in full.

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Adding insult to injury, upon leaving court the Salahis discovered an expired inspection ticket on their car!

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