VIDEO: Twilight’s Anna Kendrick – George Clooney A Prankster Up In The Air

Twilight’s Anna Kendrick told The Late Show With David Letterman on Monday that George Clooney makes an excellent travel partner with all the red carpet treatment he gets — being escorted into buildings and planes discreetly, with a car always waiting.

There is one drawback to commuting with Clooney, however.

“He does tend to get bored on long flights,” the gorgeous 24-year-old said, recalling a cross-country trip she took with her Up In The Air co-star.

“About halfway through the flight, these mini-airline pretzels start hitting me, and George is throwing at me,” Kendrick, who appears in the Twilight series as Jessica, told Letterman.

Kendrick said a woman caught in the pretzel crossfire shot glances her way, before she reprimanded Clooney to stop.

Letterman joked that had he thrown the pretzels, air marshals would have arrested him.

Up In The Air is in theaters now.

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