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VIDEO: Tiger Wood’s New Alleged Mistress Had Meltdown On Reality TV

Jaimee Grubbs, the new woman at the center of the Tiger Woods cheating scandal, appeared on VH1’s hit show Tool Academy recently.

In the clip RadarOnline.com has obtained Grubbs is seen having a showdown with one other contestant, Aida, after being dumped on air by Tool Academy bad boy, Shawn.

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A tearful Grubbs lashes out claiming she was made to look like a complete fool, and telling Aida that Shawn told her that Aida is a psycho and a lunatic, and that she needs to move on.

US Weekly broke the story of Grubbs alleged affair with Tiger. Grubbs claims she met the golf champ in Las Vegas in April 2007 and began a long running affair. Grubbs claims to have more than 300 text messages from Tiger, as well as voicemail messages, and says that she had 20 sexual encounters with him.

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Grubbs is the second woman to be linked to Tiger in the last week. As RadarOnline.com previously reported Tiger is also alleged to have had an affair with New York club party girl, Rachel Uchitel.

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