VIDEO: Jermaine Jackson Bails On Kimmel After Brothers Needle Him On CNN

Jermaine, Jackie, Tito and Marlon Jackson appeared on Larry King Live Tuesday to promote their new reality series, The Jack5ons A Family Dynasty; but some needling words from his brothers on the CNN show might have caused Jermaine to bail on their second appearance of the night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

On King, sibling rivalry between the famous family hit a fever pitch when Jackie told King he doesn’t like the spotlight, but Jermaine, who was also on the show, loves it.

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Jermaine replied, “I don’t like the spotlight, Larry. You know that. The light just finds me.”

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More ribbing on King possiblyled to Jermaine’s absence from the Kimmel appearance, where the remaining three brothers joked he was “Jer-missing.”

On Kimmel, the brothers’ father, Joe Jackson, came up in conversation. When asked, the brothers said they were OK with the disciplinarian treatment Joe gave them during their childhood.

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When Kimmel asked if they were raising their children the same way, Jackie said, “Things are a little different today.”

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Jimmy replied, “Yeah, we have the police.”

The Jack5ons A Family Dynasty premieres on A&E December 13 at 9/8c.

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