VIDEO: James Franco Pulls An Adam Lambert

James Franco, who played Sean Penn’s lover in Milk, is used to a little guy-on-guy action. Pulling an Adam Lambert, the actor kissed not one- but two!- men on network television.

Watch the Video To Re-Live the Hilarious TV Moment

As host of Saturday Night Live, Franco let loose during a skit in which he played a college student bringing his girlfriend home to meet his family for the first time.

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Upping the meet the parents awkwardness, his family is a little too close, kissing each other during conversations.

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While Bill Hader, playing Franco’s brother, drew laughs when he greeted the host with a big kiss,  it was Will Forte as Franco’s grandfather who really got the crowd going.

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At the end of the skit, Franco and Forte swapped an eye-boggling French kiss!

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