VIDEO: George Lopez Makes Off-Color Joke About Tiger Woods

Late night comedians are having a field day at the expense of Tiger Woods – but  comedian George Lopez went one step further on his talk show Lopez Tonight Monday night, making an off-color joke about the world’s greatest golfer.

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“There’s a lot of speculation on what caused the crash,” Lopez said. “Let me remind you Tiger Woods is half-Black and half-Asian … the Black side picked the rims that went on the Escalade, the Asian side was driving.”

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Lopez continued with more barbs aimed at the golfer.

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“My theory is you know a woman is pissed off when she wants to beat you with the thing that you make money with,” he joked. “She doesn’t want to just hurt you, she wants that a**-kicking to be symbolic. Let me put it in terms that golfers would understand — he played the wrong hole, had an errant drive and now he’s got to get out of a bad lie.”

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