VIDEO: Fired Chicago DJ Slams Bosses In Profanity-Laden Rap Video

Here’s one idea Howard Stern can’t claim credit for: Chicago radio personality Jonathan Brandmeier, who was let go November 30 by classic rock station WLUP, has struck back with a scathingly-profane video called Johnny B. The Unemployed Radio Mo Fo, in which he blasts his ex- bosses with gusto.

Lyrics in the song, dripping with venom over the impromptu release, include: “He said we know who you are and we know who you were, but there’s only one thing that corporate does concur; You may have been the greatest and you might be yet, but our bottom line says you ain’t worth [expletive].”

In another verse, Brandmeier, 53, complains about the changing state of his industry, as wall-to-wall songs have replaced shock jocks in many formats.

Raps Brandmeier: “Johnny B.’s the best and he’s got awards to prove it. But now the suits say it’s cheaper to play music. Hey, monkey, push a button and play another song. Talent on the radio just doesn’t belong. Enjoy this crap while you can ’cause it won’t last long. It’s the last time I raise a ship from the dead. Now I’m gonna watch it sink all over again.”

The song comes weeks after a calmer Brandmeier issued an official statement detailing the split on his Web site.

“When I left the air last Friday for Thanksgiving vacation, I had NO IDEA that it would be my last show on The Loop,” he said. “Here’s the deal: WLUP made the decision not to renew our morning show. We mutually agreed on an early release. I accepted so I could start looking for a new radio home ASAP. That’s all there is to it. We had a good run on The Loop.”

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