VIDEO: Diane Sawyer Says Goodbye; Welcomes George & Juju To Good Morning America

Diane Sawyer and Chris Cuomo bid adieu to Good Morning America while welcoming in their respective replacements, Juju Chang and George Stephanopoulos, in an emotional group farewell on the set of the ABC morning staple Friday.

“We’re all friends here,” Sawyer said. “And its a wonderful thing to be with people we know and love,” Sawyer said, before showing Stephanopoulos his new desk.

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The show’s big name holdover, Robin Roberts, said Thursday she was “so excited to welcome George and Juju to our family. The energy and talent of those on camera and behind the scenes at this program are second to none. I have no doubt that George and Juju will immediately feel right at home. Saying goodbye to Diane has not been easy, but I’m glad she will finally be getting more sleep.”

Cuomo will head to 20/20, while Sawyer will take over World News.

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