VIDEO: Conan O’Brien Reveals Tiger Woods’ Next Mistress

Conan O’Brien had some breaking news to share with his audience on Tuesday night. The late night funnyman revealed the next lady on disgraced golfing legend Tiger Woods’ romantic hit list.

Watch The Video For The Hilarious Moment

Doing a wrap-up of 2009 films, O’Brien showed a deleted scene from one of this year’s hits that featured the lucky lady.

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With almost $50 million taken in so far, Disney’s The Princess and the Frog has been watched by many already but O’ Brien leaked a scene you won’t be catching with your little ones in the theatrical version.

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In it, the film’s beautiful star Princess Tiana receives a special letter. When the camera zooms in, it shows a picture of Woods with his name, phone number and a mandate to call him. 

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Okay, so Conan was joking but we sure bet Tiger wishes his dalliances were as much fantasy as this one!

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