VIDEO: Adam Lambert Clears Up Rumors About Makeup Line & Rift With Dad

Adam Lambert has always been outspoken. The American Idol singer stopped by The Jay Leno Show on Monday night to clear up rumors about a possible makeup line and an alleged rift with his father following his controversial American Music Awards performance where he kissed another man onstage.

Watch the Video To Hear Adam Clear Up The Rumors

“I haven’t developed a makeup line,” he told Leno. “I might but I haven’t.” The late night talk show host was disappointed by the news, saying: “I would wear it!”

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Lambert also addressed the alleged rift with his father who was supposedly “mortified” by the AMA performance.

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“I think Bill O’Reilly perpetuated that rumor,” Lambert said. “My dad and I had a conversation on the phone, we were laughing about it.”

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Earlier in the program, Lambert came to the defense of the networks who censored him saying he understood that they had been “backed into a corner” by interest groups. He also attested to his part in the furor, admitting he was not “consistent” during rehearsals which contributed to the network’s ultimate shock and reaction.

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