Tom Cruise Sued For $5 Million – Accused Of Spying

Tom Cruise has been accused of hiring shamed private investigator Anthony Pellicano to spy on a magazine editor.

The editor, Michael David Sapir, filed papers in a Los Angeles court on Friday against Tom Cruise, Cruise’s attorney Bert Fields, Matchtinger LLP and Anthony Pellicano.

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Sapir claims Cruise hired Pellicano to wire tap his phone.

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Sapir, Cruise and Fields have history – in 2001 Sapir’s magazine Bold published a $500,000 reward for video evidence that Cruise is gay, Sapir claims shortly afterwards they received an email with a videotape and issued a press release saying so.

Cruise vehemently denied any accusations of being gay and Fields filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client fordefamation, asking for $100 million in damages.

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Sapir claims that Cruise then hired Pellicano to wire tap his phone during the course of the lawsuit. Sapir is asking for $5 million minimum.

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