Time Magazine Surprises With Person Of The Year

Time Magazine Wednesday announced their person of the year, and you might be surprised who they picked.

Nope, it’s not President Barack Obama, the first  African-American US president who was inaugurated in January.

Nope it’s not Tiger Woods, whose personal drama has created the juiciest story in the country since O.J. Simpson took a ride in his buddy’s Bronco 15 years ago.

It’s not even Jon or Kate Gosselin, whose nasty breakup captivated America, before swallowing alive the very show that made them famous.

The 2009 Time Magazine Person Of The Year is … Ben Bernanke.

Ben Who? Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chairman, who was awarded the honors for heading the cash flow sector in a time of economic crisis; the magazine called his organization “the most powerful, least understood government force shaping our lives.”

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