Tattoo You! Legal Docs Reveal Charlie Sheen’s Weird ‘Body Art’

Who knew Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen has ten tattoos — including a ‘Back in 15 Min’ tattoo on his chest — and that he’s in the process of getting four of them removed?

That’s just another of the interesting revelations contained in a report made by the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Department following Sheen’s arrest on Christmas day for allegedly threatening his wife Brooke Mueller with a knife at their rented home in Aspen, Colorado.

DOCUMENTS: Read The Pitkin County Sheriff’s Department Arrest Report

The report shows Sheen has several tattoos on his arms, chest and ankles, including a picture of Charlie Brown with ‘mom’ in a word bubble, a burning Marlboro cigarette, a stingray, and a baseball. Apparently, Sheen has had a change of heart about some of his body art. The docs also show he’s in the process of having four of the tattoos removed, including an open zipper with an eyeball popping out, a Yankees tattoo, a Japanese  samurai and angel wings.

Sheen used to have twelve tattoos, but had two of them previously removed, including a tattoo with the name of his ex-wife Denise Richards. Go figure.

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