Serena Williams Lets It All Hang Out!

Tennis ace Serena Williams suffered an embarrassing double fault while on vacation in Barbados over the weekend – after her strapless swimsuit fell down!

And luckily for her friends, the hot-tempered tennis star managed to see the funny side.

Her relaxed attitude must have been a relief — the 28-year-old isn’t known for being so calm all the time.

VIDEO: Serena Williams’ Shocking US Open Meltdown

On Monday, the world’s number one player was hit with a record penalty in women’s tennis for her US Open outburst.

Serena was fined $82,500 and given a suspended ban from Flushing Meadows over the next three years for the threats she directed at a line judge who foot-faulted her during her semi-final against Kim Clijsters.

Serena Williams Bares It All

Williams was within two points of losing when she went berserk at the female line judge and threatened, among a blitz of colorful language, to ram the ball down her throat.

If Williams commits another major offence at any Grand Slam during 2010 or 2011, she will be banned from the following US Open.

VIDEO: Serena Williams Wants To Hug Berated JudgeSerena Williams Wants To Hug Berated Judge

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