Prosecutors Want Sheen Restraining Order To Stay

A Colorado prosecutor filed a motion to keep in place a restraining order barring Charlie Sheen from contacting or physically approaching his wife.

See The Exclusive Court Documents

Sheen’s lawyer, citing cooperation from Brooke Mueller‘s attorney, filed papers Wednesday asking that the order be lifted.

But Aspen assistant district attorney Arnold Mordkin filed a motion Wednesday opposing the dismissal of the restraining order.

Rehab for Boozing Charlie Sheen?

The restraining order was put in place by a judge after Sheen was arrested on two felonies and one misdemeanor Christmas. Mueller called 911 and told cops that her husband threatened her with a knife.

Mueller Told Cops Sheen Attacked Her Before

Now she’s hired former O.J. Simpson attorney Yale Galanter who has downplayed the incident as one bad night. But has reported that Sheen was violent with Mueller previously,  pushing her down and causing her to bang her head.

SHEEN WIFE’S 911 CALL: “I’m Scared For My Life”

Mueller is now cooperating with Sheen’s camp for financial reasons, her friends tell exclusively.

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