PHOTOS: Suri Steals The Show From Tom Cruise

Usually, when you are one of the world’s biggest movie stars, all eyes are on you when you step onto a set.

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For Tom Cruise, that is usually probably true…unless his daughter Suri is there! The adorable tot single handedly stole the show from her famous father when she stopped by the set of his new movie Knight and Day. The film, which also stars Cameron Diaz, is currently shooting in Spain.

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Dressed in gold heels, a floral print dress, and with a darling pink bow on her headband (did we mention she matched her shoes with a gold purse?), Suri looked every bit the budding star.

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The little lady is clearly comfortable with the attention, beaming a huge smile as she gracefully waved to gushing onlookers. Tom Is teaching her well!

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