NEW PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Celebrates Holidays With Bodyguard Steve Neild & Family

Far from the craziness surrounding her ex-husband, Kate Gosselin welcomed her close friend and bodyguard Steve Neild, his wife Gina and their teenage son to a post-Christmas celebration.

PHOTOS:  Bodyguard Steve Neild Helps Kate Gosselin Celebrate Christmas

Thanks to her divorce agreement, Kate and her eight kids got to keep their beloved Wernersville, PA mini-ranch and the Neilds have remained her main support system.

PHOTOS: Steve Neild & Family Have Thanksgiving With Kate Gosselin

Kate’s low-key day was a far cry from what was going on with Jon Gosselin this weekend.  He reported to cops that his New York apartment had been burglarized and, without using her name publicly, has accused his ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman of the crime.

Attorney Says Jon Gosselin’s Belongings Were Destroyed With A Butcher Knife

Hailey isn’t taking the accusations lying down.  She has her own attorneys representing her and is making her own accusations against Jon.

Hailey Glassman Talks To Cops About Jon Gosselin

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