Naughty Tiger: All Of His Sexy Texts & E-mails

Tiger Woods may publicly be a reserved man, but privately he is seemingly reckless given the naughty and nakedly emotional texts, voicemail, and e-mails he sent to his various mistresses over the past couple of years. brings you a comprehensive list of the things he should never have said and who he said them to.

In one heated exchange between him and Rachel Uchitel, Woods reveals a jealous side. In one e-mail, he tries to backtrack on his feelings, saying that her romantic past (Uchitel has had rumored romances with David Boreanaz and Ryan Seacrest among other famous men) made him question her motives. “It feels like I’m just another person who happens to be famous,” he wrote. “Everytime I think about it, I get a lump in my throat. Some of the other parts of your past really get to me.” Woods also makes reference to not wanting to be “number f—ing five” on the list of famous men she has been with.

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Woods, who flew Uchitel to Australia during a recent tournament, was used to mixing business with pleasure. On a trip to Orange County in October, the golfer attempted to squeeze in Jaimee Grubbs between a meeting with a sponsor. “I will [see] you Sunda [sic] night,” he wrote on October 15. “Its the only night in which I am totally free but I have to leave at 530 Monday morning to drive up to the valley for an outing for one of my sponsors. See you at 8 pm on Sunday in newport.” At the time, his wife and family were also in town.

Read all the juicy revelations below:

E-mails Between Tiger and Rachel Uchitel (Manhattan nightclub hostess, 34) published by InTouch:
E-mail 1: “I know it’s brutal on you that you can’t be with me all the time. I get it. It f—ing kills me, too. I finally found someone I connect with, someone I have never found like this. Not even at home. You want someone to witness your life. I want you to lay next to me, lay on me or wherever you want to lay. F–k. Why didn’t we find each other year’s ago. We wouldn’t be having this conversation.

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“Never thought I would care and be as emotional as I am with you. You bring a side of me I never thought existed both good and bad. I don’t like feeling so vulnerable. It bothers me a lot. I’m much tougher than this.”

E-mail 2: “You don’t have to answer that e-mail. I just wanted you to know what’s going on inside me.”

E-mail 3: “I don’t know if this is going to work. I though I was getting to know you, but it feels like I’m just another person who happens to be famous. Everytime I think about it, I get a lump in my throat. Some of the other parts of your past really get to me. I don’t know what person I was falling for so hard. The one I got to know on the phone, e-mail, text and in person. I am so confused, because what my brain is saying and what my heart is saying are two different things. Is it the Rachel I know or the character? That’s what’s hard. It guts me to think I’ve fallen for the wrong one and will be number f—ing five on that list.”

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E-mail 4: “I need you here [at the Australian Masters in Melbourne]! Just pack and get organized. Sorry if I hurt you.”

Her response: She said she wasn’t flying across the world to be with “someone who doesn’t want and need me there. I have some pride, too, you know. You broke my heart. You made me remember what real hurt is.”

E-mail 5: “Get yourself together and get on the flight. We can fight down here and have make-up sex.” (Uchitel did travel to Melbourne)

Text Messages Between Tiger and Jaimee Grubbs (L.A. cocktail waitress, 24) published by UsWeekly:

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July 20, 3:04 p.m.
Tiger: Hey Sexy I can’t come out this week. Something came up family wise
Jaimee: That’s okay I hope everything is fine … would have liked to see you
Tiger: We will make it happen

July 26, 11: 22 p.m.
Jaimee: I drove out for the night to surprise a friend with a present for there birthday
Tiger: what kind of present your naked body
Jaimee: haha no a watch I slept alone
Tiger: alone with him that is
Jaimee: haha I wish

Sept. 27, 6:38 p.m.
Jaimee: miss u
Tiger: now that’s hot so who is your new boy toy
Jaimee: no new boy toy … still running dry… been on 2 real dates in the pat 2 months :(
Tiger: I need you
Jaimee: then get your tight ass over here and visit me! I need u
Tiger: I will wear you out soon
Jaimee: how soon? I got a new piercing
Tiger: really. Where
Jaimee: I just sent u a pic of it … is on my cheek below my eye … implanted a little diamond
Tiger: send it again. I didn’t pick up on that
Tiger: you just need some attention from me
Tiger: do you have a boy friend (8:45 p.m.)
Jaimee: I don’t even have someone I am dating … no … u can be my boyfriend 😉
Tiger: then I am
Jaimee: I wish
Tiger: quiet and secretively we will always be together
Tiger: when was the last time you got laid

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Sept. 30, 3:38 p.m.
Jaimee: if we hang out on a Sundway we can watch desperate houswives again haha
Tiger: oh god
Jaimee: take a break from watching boring old golf
Jaimee: I mean the amazing sport of golf 😉
Jaimee: [more than an hour later] babe I was kidding
Tiger: I know sexy

Oct. 1, 6:06 p.m.
Jaimee: is it orange county time yet?
Tiger: oh stop :)
Jaimee: hahaha I know … but you canceled on me last time so the anticipation is killing me … im finding myself watching sports center … haha j/k it isn’t that bad
Tiger: its never been that bad
Jaimee: very true … I only watch football
Tiger: Figured you would say that. Big black guys.
Jaimee: u are my first, last and only black guy! U should feel special
Tiger: why do I not believe that?
Tiger: [later, in response to Jaimee’s mention of a date who was “full of himself”] you kinda like that for some reason which is weird why you decided on me.
Tiger: having an asian mother and a military father you cannot and will not ever be full of yourself
Jaimee: I have fun with u, you always make me smile and I am not afraid to be myself or say anything to u … the day I met u I thought u were going to kick me out a few times but for someone reason you didn’t and u have told me numerous times I talk to much but slowly as I get to know u iI think your absolutely amazing
Tiger: you are wrong I’m bone thugs in harmon

Oct. 15, 6:40 p.m.
Jaimee: Something wrong babe?I was excited to sepnd time with u this week
Tiger: I will you Sunda night. Its the only night in which I am totally free but I have to leave at 530 Monday morning to drive up to the valley for an outing for one of my sponsors. See you at 8 pm on Sunday in newport
Tiger: don’t text me back till tomorrow morning. I have to many people around me right now

Oct. 18, 3:40 p.m
Tiger: send me something very naughty
Jaimee: some things are worth waiting for lol … besides im at work
Tiger: go to the bathroom and take it
Jaimee: haha ur too much

Oct. 18, 11:38 p.m.
Jaimee: are u leaving me cause your wife is still in newport :( I am lonely now … i like falling asleep in your arms
Tiger: sorry baby I just can’t sleep. Its just a problem I have.
Tiger: she is not here. They left this morning
Jaimee: well I appreciate you not wanting to wake me up but if y couldn’t sleep I would have rather sat up and talked to u more … find out why I keep falling more and more for u 😉
Tiger: Because I’m blasian :)
Tiger: I’m sorry babe. Im already home.
Jaimee: I’m putting my underwear back on … thats a no no … come take them off
Tiger: :) you are too funny

Nov. 26, 11:16 a.m.
Tiger: happy thanksgiving to you
Jaimee: u too love

Voicemail From Tiger To Grubbs published by UsWeekly:

“Hey, it’s Tiger. I need you to do me a huge favor. Can you please take your name off your phone? My wife went through my phone and may be calling you. So if you can, please take your name off that. Just have it as a number on the voicemail. You got to do this for me. Huge. Quickly. Bye.”

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