Michael Lohan’s Ex Arrested

Michael Lohan’s ex-fiance, Erin Muller, has been arrested RadarOnline.com has learned. This, just three days after Muller had Lohan busted for violating a restraining order.

Michael Lohan Arrested

According to a police report, Muller was arrested for allegedly kicking Lohan in the head with her shoe.

On Monday, Muller had Michael arrested for violating a restraining order. But Lohan retaliated with a criminal complaint of his own, and Erin turned herself in Thursday morning.

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Here’s how it went down:

On November 14, Lohan and Muller pulled into the driveway of his mother’s home. Lohan thought Muller was too drunk and high to to drive and it triggered an argument. Lohan says he then got out of the car and tried to keep her from driving.

He says when he opened her door, Erin intentionally kicked him in the head.

Suffolk County Police and the DA’s office are reportedly working with Lohan to investigate a bunch of charges against Muller, including filing false reports, extortion, aggravated harassment and larceny.

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