Joel Madden Twitters Through Mouth Surgery Agony

Poor Joel Madden is suffering through the pain of post mouth surgery, but it seems there’s nothing wrong with his fingers as he keeps his many fans abreast of his progress through regular Twitter updates.

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In the early hours of Saturday morning Nicole Richie‘s main squeeze Tweeted, “4am can’t sleep. Dental surgery yesterday kept me up all nite. looks like  the entire family is staying in the house today. Its rainin anyway”

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Following up with a very early Sunday morning Tweet of, ” I wish i could have gone to see the fight tonight. instead i had dental surgery that kept me in pain and in bed.” And just minutes later, ” Thank God for Vicodin right now. Stitches in the mouth no bueno.”

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Then a reassuring Tweet on Monday morning, ” Good morning everyone. My jaw is still swollen from the dental surgery. And i’m still on pain killers. Got to sleep in today so thats good”

And as way of explanation? Joel Tweeted ” I got 3 tooth implants. no joke.  My jaw is the size of a cantelope”.

Aw! Get well soon Joel!

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