Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon Split

Brokeback Mountain stud Jake Gyllenhaal and Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon split up two weeks ago, according to a friend.

“They needed time to figure it out and they were on different coasts,” the friend told E! Online. “When they were finally together, they talked it out and decided they’re not going to be together anymore.”

Reese Witherspoon Goes Out Without Jake

Another source told the network that the relationship between Gyllenhaal, 29, and Witherspoon, 33, “just fizzled,” and that they agreed to keep the split under wraps out of respect to Witherspoon’s children.

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Gyllenhaal and Witherspoon’s romance blossomed two years ago on the set of the film Rendition.

PHOTO: Reese & Jake In Better Times

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