God Save The Queen! Lady Gaga & Miley Cyrus Perform For British Royalty

Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus performed for Queen Elizabeth II and her husband at Britain’s Royal Variety Performance at an opera house in Blackpool, England on Monday.

PHOTOS: Lady Gaga And Miley Cyrus Perform For Queen Elizabeth II

Always the daring fashionista, Gaga — clad in a fire engine red outfit made from PVC, a long cloak and Elizabethan-style collar — performed on a giant, spider-like piano erected into the air on high stilts.

“Let me hear you rattle your jewelry,” Gaga told the more than 1,000 in attendance.

Cyrus showed off her gams, wearing revealing shorts, as she performed suggestive dance moves in her routine.

The event benefited the Queen’s Entertainment Artists Benevolent Fund, which is intended for entertainers in need of medical or financial aid.

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