Gillete Becomes 1st Major Sponsor To Phase Out Tiger Woods

Gillette will phase Tiger Woods out of its advertisements while he takes time off to repair his personal life. “As Tiger takes a break from the public eye, we will support his desire for privacy by limiting his role in our marketing programs,” Gillette said Saturday. The announcement by the Procter & Gamble division marks the first major sponsor of the superstar athlete to distance itself from Woods.

Tiger Woods Announces Hiatus From Golf, Admits Cheating

The news comes a day after Woods announced an indefinite leave from golf and public life to repair his marriage. Woods has been embroiled in a public scandal for two weeks since a car accident exposed Woods’ alleged marital infidelity.

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Woods is the pitchman for brands ranging from AT&T to Accenture to Nike.

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Nike, which built its $650 million golf business around Woods, said late Friday it supports his decision. AT&T said it is evaluating its relationship with Woods.

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Woods will be phased out from Gillette’s television and print advertising, and from public appearances.

Tiger Woods Announces Hiatus From Golf, Admits Cheating

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