Get Your Drink On With EFFEN Vodka!

Smooth, even and balanced: that’s what EFFEN, Holland’s top distributor of high-end vodka, promises from its 80 proof potion to those lucky enough to have it pass through their lips. 

The brand, which dates back more than 120 years, has been tailored for club goers looking for that perfect elixir for the party life. 

The vodka — available in 50mL, 375mL, 750mL, and 1.75L sizes — makes a perfect complement to any number of ingredients for a divine cocktail.

Our favorite? The Watermelon Drop, which consists of 1.5 parts EFFEN vodka, 1.5 parts Watermelon mix, .5 simple syrup, Melon Liqueur sinker and a squeezed lemon.

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