EXCLUSIVE WACKY VIDEO INTERVIEW: Randy And Evi Quaid’s Christmas Plans: To Stay Out Of Jail!

You’d think it would be hard for the Quaids to up the ante in the crazy stakes going by their previous wacky antics – but Tuesday outside the court room in Santa Barbara they managed to do just that.

Randy And Evi Quaid Plead Not Guilty

Walking out of the court house Evi had her credit card stuck to her forehead while Randy sported a gold sheriff’s badge. When asked why she was wearing a credit card on her head she said that she wanted to show she had a valid one.

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Randy at one point decided to partake in the fun and stuck the sheriff’s badge to his forehead too.

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When asked what their plans are for Christmas Randy quipped, “To stay out of jail!”

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A more subdued Evi said, “We haven’t decided yet.”

But despite having been arrested just days ago, and having just walked fresh from a courtroom where they pled not guilty to felony charges, the Quaids appear to be enjoying the festive season. When asked if he had a message for RadarOnline.com readers, a very jovial Randy said, “I wish everyone a merry christmas and happy holidays and thanks for coming out!”

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