EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tiger’s Mistress Jaimee Grubbs Talks About Her Shoplifting Conviction

Jaimee Grubbs, one of the women having an affair with married father-of-two Tiger Woods, tried to achieve fame before she found scandal.

Grubbs auditioned for a reality show to get her 15 minutes of fame and discussed her criminal background on the audition tape, obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com.  As we previously reported exclusively, Jaimee was arrested for shoplifting when she was in high school.

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“My friends were like, you should do this from Nordstroms, it’s so easy… And I don’t know if I’m just retarded or what, but I made it look so obvious,” Jaimee says on her audition tape for a reality show.

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Watch part of her audition by clicking on the player above.

“They basically just stopped me,” Jaimee continues. “And I handed them the bag and said, I know. I’m sorry ,” Jaimee laughed as she recalled breaking the law.

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“If I were to name the most embarrassing thing I ever did, it would be shoplifting and getting caught.” Jaimee said.

Remember kids, this tape was made BEFORE she made the news of her affair with Woods public!

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“I needed to get caught, because probably if I hadn’t gotten caught I probably would have kept doing it.” Jaimee said about the shoplifting incident.

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