EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Tom Arnold’s Sex Shocker – “I Want More Than 3 Sperms!”

Apparently Tom Arnold has never heard the phrase: Too Much Information! The comic/actor, who was attending the premiere of Avatar at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood Wednesday night, nearly made us blush.

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RadarOnline.com asked him what superpower he’d love to posses and Tom didn’t hold back telling us all the details of his impotence!

“It would be to be able to impregnate a woman while having sex. Apparently a lot of people have that superpower, I don’t, I have to go to a doctor.  But to have a family the way normal people do without going to a fertility clinic at 7am and masturbating and then her coming in later and it just seems like it would be a wonderful thing.”

But Tom’s rant doesn’t end there, he even shares his sperm count!    

Watch our exclusive interview!

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