EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: “Tiger Went After The Girl Of His Dreams,” Says Jaimee Grubbs’ Friend

“I think the bottom line is that Tiger was in a marriage he wasn’t happy with,” Denis Costello told RadarOnline.com exclusively.  “I think he went after the girl of his dreams.  He didn’t know how to get out.”

Tiger Knew His Wife Was On To His Affair With Jaimee

Costello spoke with RadarOnline.com at the home of Jaimee’s mother Linda Grubbs.  The two previously dated and he remains close with the entire Grubbs family.

“Jaimee is not someone who would wreck a home,” Costello said.  “She wouldn’t go after that but if Tiger came after her, that would be a pretty big temptation.”

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“I feel bad for everybody.” Costello added. “She is a typical young person with lots of talent and is very attractive, obviously. I think she wants the attention. Bring it on. But she’d never do it at the expense of a marriage or a person’s reputation.”

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