EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Producer Jon Landau Spills Avatar Secrets

With the Los Angeles premiere of AVATAR mere hours away, RadarOnline.com brings you an exclusive interview with the film’s producer Jon Landau during which he gives readers a taste of what to expect from the much-hyped film and offers some insight on how they brought the world of Pandora to life.

Watch the Video For All of Landau’s AVATAR Secrets

“I think in general what people are going to like most about it is it gives you an escape from the world in which we live,” Landau says. The film “gives you an opportunity to be transported to another world where you get to experience things that are fun and exciting.”

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The world of Pandora was brought to life simply by the movie’s creators taking a look around. “The first thing we did was we turned to mother nature,” he revealed. “We pulled examples of what worked here.”

While many people thought director James Cameron and company were waiting for technology to “catch up,” Landau specified exactly what the hold up was.

“In fact, what we were waiting for was the technology for the close-up…movies aren’t about scale and scope, movies are about the characters that you put in the center of them.

“So instead of using a marker-based process as movies have done in the past, we used an image-board process where the performances of our actors are photographed and we look at those photographs on a frame-by-frame, almost a pore-by-pore level and extract from that a performance.”

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Landau recently revealed three innovative outlets for those that want to delve even deeper into the imagined world of movie mastermind Cameron. In partnership with McDonalds, three new digital gaming experiences have been released offering 360-degree views of Pandora: McD Vision uncovers the characters and scenes from the the film, PandoraQuest is a hidden-object game that is a race against the clock to find objects hidden in Pandora landscapes, and PandoraROVR allows players to explore the Pandora terrain. The games will be translated into 27 languages.

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AVATAR will hit movie theaters on December 18.

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