EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Boys Are Like Toys To Me, Says Tiger Woods Mistress

No wonder she had no problem having an adulterous affair.

In an audition tape for a reality show obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com, Jaimee Grubbs, a self-admitted mistress of Tiger Woods, expresses a dim and cynical view of men.

The fame-seeking Grubbs says on our video: “Boys right now, they’re more like toys to me.”

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And while she laughed, we doubt that Tiger’s wife Elin is finding her views funny. Jaimee is a self-described cocktail waitress but RadarOnline.com discovered she works in a medical marijuana store. She had a sexual relationship with Woods for two years and saved a voice mail from him saying that his wife might be calling her.

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In auditioning for a reality show, before her affair with Tiger became public, Jaimee said to her interviewer: “I’m kind of over boys.”

But even though she professes to be “over” boys, she brags about her male conquests.

“I work at Saddle Ranch, I get 4 to 10 phone numbers a day and I make a joke that I will put them all in a box and then put my hand in there and pull out a name,” she says.

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Jaimee giggles in the audition tape as she tries to convince producers that she is the right fit for the reality show.

In what can now be seen as a huge understatement she says: “I’m 22 and I want to have fun.”

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