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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger’s Women Cash In – How Much They’ve Made Selling Their Stories

Being a mistress of a famous sports star is a part-time job but it pays full-time money!

Just ask all the women who are capitalizing on their affairs with Tiger Woods. A RadarOnline.com investigation has uncovered how much they’ve earned off the scandal so far for making their affair details public after staying in the background while romancing the married golf star.

Jaimee Grubbs, the Las Vegas woman who described herself as a cocktail waitress but actually worked in a medical marijuana store, as first reported by RadarOnline.com, collected $150,000 for the rights to her story, according to knowledgeable sources.

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But Grubbs hopes to earn even more. She’s hired a Los Angeles public relations firm to represent her and is hoping to land a paid TV interview.

Jamie Jungers is a beautiful blonde Las Vegas model who also had an affair with Tiger. Sources told RadarOnline.com that she spent much of last week shopping her story to the British press. At first it appeared that a deal had been struck with two newspapers but at the last minute another paper outbid them. And then in a last-minute change of plans Jungers decided not to talk on the record and instead her ex-fiance told her story.

Even so, RadarOnline.com hears that the Jungers’ payday was slightly more than $60,000!

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But the mistress with the mostest (cash) is Rachel Uchitel, who is collecting from $1 million to $3 million in Tiger bucks. RadarOnline.com was first to report that Tiger settled with her. Uchitel has the most damaging material on Tiger so far – hundreds of text messages and emails. She’s been in a relationship with Tiger for the past five months and he paid for her to meet him in Australia in November, as RadarOnline.com reported exclusively.

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The story of Uchitel’s affair with Tiger was broken by the National Enquirer, but Uchitel vehemently denied it publicly. The Enquirer caught her in a series of lies and contradictions, however, and she then hired power attorney Gloria Allred. It was clear that Uchitel was entertaining offers to sell her story to the highest bidder and received bids in the low six-figure range. But RadarOnline.com has learned that Tiger’s wife Elin called Uchitel the night Woods crashed his car and confronted her about their relationship.

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Uchitel denied the affair to Elin and later told Tiger that she had protected him. It was Tiger who made the decision to pay her off.

So what about the other so called mistresses? No dollar figure has been attached to any of them, and the porn star who claims a relationship with Tiger has not provided any proof. An Orlando lawyer is representing an as-yet unnamed woman and has not named a price.

So the grand total for being Tiger’s mistress right now stands at a range of  $1,210,000 to $3,210,000.

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