EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods Team Offering Money To Cover Up Affair

Rachel Uchitel is scared of Tiger Woods – so scared she’s running, not walking, to the nearest bank!

RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that Rachel’s silence about Tiger is coming with a price tag, and that price is higher than $1 million.

Tiger’s Team is in full damage-control mode behind the scenes and sources are telling RadarOnline.com exclusively that money has been offered to women connected to the situation to ensure their silence or help deflate some public accounts of Tiger’s affairs.

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Despite erroneous (and confusing) reports that Rachel canceled a press conference because of “fear and secrets” RadarOnline.com has learned from multiple sources that the woman first identified as Tiger’s mistress was entertaining six-figure offers to tell her story BEFORE Tiger’s people made contact.

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Rachel is represented by powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred, who scheduled a press conference for Thursday and then abruptly canceled it. Sources tell RadarOnline.com that Tiger’s reps and Rachel’s people were on the phone late Wednesday night and Allred was anything but scared!

In addition, RadarOnine.com is reporting exclusively that another woman connected to the situation says she was offered big money by people connected to Tiger to deflate and hide the mistress story.

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As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Rachel saved hundreds of messages from Tiger, messages that prove their sexual relationship, according to sources with direct knowledge of the

That type of ammunition left Rachel far from scared. And while she denied having an affair with Tiger when the National Enquirer broke the story, she then told the truth privately after hiring Allred. The press conference was going to set the stage for Rachel to publicly tell her story.

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Asked if Rachel received a payoff from Tiger’s team, Allred told RadarOnline.com, “no comment.”  None of Tiger’s representative returned RadarOnline.com calls for comment on the payoffs.

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