EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods Mistress Worked In Medical Marijuana Store

Tiger Woods‘ mistress Jaimee Grubbs has been described as a cocktail waitress but a RadarOnline.com investigation has discovered that she’s been serving up something a lot more potent!

Jaimee has been working in a medical marijuana “pharmacy,” RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.

The woman who had a several-years affair with the athlete regarded as a golfing legend has been working at City Organic Remedies in Studio City, CA, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively.

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Medical marijuana is legal in California but is widely abused and it is an open secret that medical marijuana cards can be obtained for the right price. And although the state has legalized it, federal laws are in direct opposition to California setting up a future showdown.

The store where Jaimee worked up until about a month ago features and sells many different brands and grades of marijuana. The store has been open for about a year and several sources told RadarOnline.com that Jaimee has been working there, but hasn’t been seen in about a month.

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Jaimee came forward to Us Weekly and revealed her off-and-on affair with Tiger after the National Enquirer exposed Rachel Uchitel as having an affair with the golfer for the past five months.

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But Jaimee described herself only as a cocktail waitress in telling her Tiger tale, which included a leave-no-doubt voicemail of Tiger warning her his wife might be calling.

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Jaimee is now being represented by a Los Angele public relations firm and shopping her story to TV. Uchitel was set to admit her affair with Tiger – after publicly lying and denying it – but suddenly canceled a Thursday press conference.

RadarOnline.com reported exclusively Uchtiel has saved hundreds of messages from Tiger a source close to the situation said she was negotiating a $1 million payday from Tiger’s people and would remain silent.

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