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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods’ Affair Was Open Secret Where He Lived

Tiger Woods’ cheating was an open secret in his neighborhood and the surrounding nightclubs where he partied, a friend of one of his mistresses tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.        

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Tiger’s wife Elin is furious, because he cheated on her constantly and because he was so brazen about it, even bringing women into their house.

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One of the women he brought home, Julie Postle, bragged openly about her affair with the golfing legend in Orlando where she worked.

“At first she tried to keep her romance with Tiger Woods a secret, but couldn’t resist bragging,” a friend of hers told RadarOnline.com. “I remember her confiding, ‘I’m sleeping with Tiger Woods.’”

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Julie’s ex-boyfriend revealed recently that Tiger regularly invited her out to dinner and his Orlando house. The affair lasted two years.

All of Tiger’s affairs have infuriated Elin but the fact that his cheating was an open secret in their own neighborhood has made everything worse, sources told RadarOnline.com.

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“Elin feels that Tiger made a fool of her and that’s not something she can forgive,” one source told RadarOnline.com.

And Postle’s friend said that Julie, 26, was not shy. She lured Tiger with her outrageous flirting, the friend told RadarOnline.com. “Julie loved to party and she always had to be the center of attention,” said the friend.

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“She said that, although she dated Tiger for two years, it got old. He was married and she had a regular boyfriend. She said Tiger was always calling her and texting her, wanting to get together and she got tired of it.

“She met a rich young guy and moved to Texas to be with him. They now live in Houston.”