EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Tiger Woods Mistress Jamie Jungers Got Shot At Fame When Other Models Thought Job Was Too Hardcore

Jamie Jungers can thank the religious beliefs of two Mormon models for her shot at fame as a calendar pin-up girl. That’s the story behind her appearance in the 2010 FastDates.com calendar.

PHOTOS: Jamie Jungers Is A FastDates.com Calendar Pin-Up Girl

Veteran photographer Jim Gianatsis was set to shoot the 2010 FastDates.com calendar June 1, 2008 during the World Superbike Championship at the Miller Motorsports Raceway in Tool, Utah. Each month’s photo was carefully planned around motorbikes, racing pits and tools.

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Jim was all set to go with two models who’d been hired weeks in advance until they suddenly balked. They decided the sexy poses in bikinis and short shorts were “pornography,” and bolted!

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“Jamie Junger was at the track as a spokesmodel for Pirelli motorcycle tires,” Jim told RadarOnline.com. “I hired her and three other spokesmodels who were at the track on the spot, and we were back in business.

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“Jamie was very professional and easy to work with,” Jim recalled. “She was also very quiet and shy.

“I was shocked to learn about her relationship with Tiger. She was such a sweet girl on that shoot!”

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