EXCLUSIVE: Nude Photos Of Tiger Woods Mistress Surface

Nude photos of Tiger Woods‘ mistress have surfaced, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Jaimee Grubbs, who recently revealed her off-and-on affair with Tiger, is seen wearing only a thong in at least four photos that she took herself with a cell phone camera using a mirror.

RadarOnline.com has verified the photos exist.

Jaimee said she had sex with Tiger approximately 20 times since 2007. She saved a voicemail of Tiger frantically telling her his wife might call her.

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In one of the new photos of Jaimee that has surfaced but not yet been published, she is seen from the front, topless and in a thong. The photo is taken in a bathroom mirror and she is staring down into her cell phone, looking at the image.

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Another photo shows her from the back, in the thong, with her head turned slightly so she can again see the image in the phone. A third photo shows her in a different location, but again using a phone to take the picture. She has her back toward the camera, is topless and wearing boyshorts imprinted with the words, “wish you were here.”

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The fact that Tiger WAS there has helped Jaimee make a lot of money by telling her story and she is currently being represented by a Los Angeles public relations firm and is expected to try to land TV appearances.

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Jaimee described herself as a cocktail waitress but RadarOnline.com broke the story Thursday that she actually works in a medical marijuana store.

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