EXCLUSIVE: Mistress Family In Battle Over Alleged Nude Photo Of Tiger Woods

A bitter fight has broken out among family members of Tiger Woods’ mistress Jamie Jungers over nude photos of the golfing legend.

Exclusive Interview: Jamie Jungers’ Took Nude Photos Of Tiger Woods Says Aunt

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Susan Minor, Jamie Jungers’ aunt, said Jamie clearly bragged to family members about drunk, naked pictures she had taken of Woods while he was passed out.

“She told us she took the naked pictures.  It is the truth and I have several witnesses.  Jamie said it in front of my son, daughter, and my husband,” Minor revealed. 

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In a twist, Jamie’s mother, Sharon Jungers, mysteriously told RadarOnline.com in a exclusive interview that Jamie never took naked pictures of Woods or talked about it.

“Nothing Susan said was true and Jamie doesn’t have any pictures of Tiger,” Sharon countered. 

Jamie’s mother clearly realizes that these photos would be worth millions, even making a joke about it.

“Jamie doesn’t even have pictures of his face.  If she had those naked pictures I would have been selling them years ago… just kidding.”

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She laughed, but surely Woods would pay a fortune to keep those photos off the market. He already had his lawyers go to the High Court in London to prohibit British outlets from publishing any potential nude photos of Woods.

His lawyers were also clear that they were not admitting to the existence of such naughty material.

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Despite Susan Junger’s denials, RadarOnline.com has spoken to three family members independently who confirm that Jamie boasted of the naked photos on more than one occasion.

According to her uncle Todd Minor: “Those naked pictures were a bragging point. She has been telling us for years and years about the naked photos, I mean she carried on about it for years.  Then she told us this Thanksgiving that she didn’t have any proof of her relationship with Tiger.”

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Minor is standing by her word and even challenges her niece to do the same:  “I’d give a polygraph test and pass it.  You should ask Jamie to do the same and she and her mother would fail it.”

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