EXCLUSIVE: Mike Tyson, Photographer Won’t Be Charged In Airport Scuffle

It will be a very Happy New Year for Mike Tyson because the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office Thursday decided not to file any charges in connection with a scuffle between the former heavyweight boxing champ and an overly aggressive photographer at Los Angeles International Airport on November 12th.

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Tyson Arrested At LAX

Both Tyson and the pap were arrested in connection with the incident, but now that the L.A. City Attorney has decided not to pursue the matter,  the case is closed.

PHOTOS: Tyson Driven Away After Alleged Assault

Tyson’s powerhouse attorney Shawn Chapman Holley told RadarOnline.com exclusively: “The City Attorney’s Office made the right decision, given the harassing conduct of the paparazzo who persisted in the aggressive pursuit of Mr. Tyson even after being ordered by airport security personnel to leave him alone.”

Mike Tyson Taken Away In Handcuffs After Fight With Photographer; Read The Booking Sheet

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