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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger’s Mistress Is A Trashy Girl

Tiger Woods‘ mistress Jamie Jungers is a super-sexy lingerie model, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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Jamie, who is telling friends she had an affair with the golf champ lasting two years, is a model for Trashygirls.com, an entertainment company connected to the well-known Hollywood boutique Trashy Lingerie.

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Trashygirls.com owner Mary Loomis-Shrier spoke to RadarOnline.com exclusively, and said she hired Jungers close to five years ago during a casting call in Las Vegas.

“My biggest clients are the casinos in Vegas…they would hire me to bring 30 or 40 of my lingerie models from LA to Vegas to spice up their high rollers and celeb parties,” Loomis-Shrier said. “When the Palms hired me, I held a casting call to pick the sweetest looking local Vegas models, and that’s how I met Jamie.”

When news of Tiger’s many affairs broke, Loomis-Shrier said she immediately called Jungers and asked her point blank if the rumors she’d been hearing about her friend were true.

“I called her and said, ‘congratulations on being mistress number 4′,” Loomis-Shrier told RadarOnline.com. “And Jamie started laughing. I asked her if it was true, and she told me that it was.”

Loomis-Shrier insists Jungers, originally from Kansas, is a sweet, quiet girl. “If I had to put my models into categories, saying here are the top ten girls most likely to dance on a pole, Jamie was not that girl. I’m very picky, my girls have to be beautiful but approachable. And they cannot be hookers,” she said. “I have strict policies about drug use and prostitution. If you have sex with someone, I don’t want to know about it.”

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Some people have likened the beautiful blonde Jungers to Tiger Wood’s wife Elin. Jungers met Tiger in Las Vegas and their romantic hookups reportedly took place in several different cities, with Tiger arranging for him to meet her.

Jamie was engaged to businessman Derek Schmidt at the time she began her affair with Woods, he told London’s Sunday Mirror newspaper. “I knew Tiger had come on to her and asked for her number,” Schmidt said. “I knew that he called her whenever he came to Las Vegas. But she insisted nothing was going on. Now I feel like a total idiot.”

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As RadarOnline.com was first to report, Tiger paid his most recent mistress, Rachel Uchitel to meet him in Australia last month. That’s when the lid on his secret romantic life was lifted by the National Enquirer, which was first to report the affair.

Tiger also had an affair with Los Angeles cocktail waitress/pot store employee/reality TV star-wannabe Jaimee Grubbs.

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