EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Tiger Woods’ Mistress Sent Me Naked Pictures Of Herself Says Ex-Boyfriend

Tiger Woods’ mistress Jaimee Grubbs emailed naked photos of herself to an ex-boyfriend, the man told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

RadarOnline.com revealed the existence of naked photos of Grubbs in an exclusive report early Friday. And now we’ve tracked down the man she sent them to.

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Richard Palermo told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview: “Jaimee sent naked pictures to me. She has an iPhone so she just takes them and emails them to me.  She sent them to me roughly three months ago.”

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He said he met Jaimee in Hollywood, when he visited his brother. “Jaimee approached me to take down my number so we could hang out.  She was pretty aggressive.  We partied together and needless to say we hooked up that night.”

Palermo said that after he returned to his New York home, Jaimee sent him four photos. RadarOnline.com has seen the photos and they show her in only a thong. Two are taken in a bathroom, one showing her topless from the front, and the other taken with her back facing the camera. Another shot is taken in a different room and she is wearing boyshorts imprinted with the words, “wish you were here.” She is clearly taking the pictures with an iPhone.

Jaimee, according to Palermo, talked about pursuing modeling. “She told me that she was a cocktail waitress in her spare time,” he told RadarOnline.com. “We definitely got really intoxicated together.

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“I was out in California for a week and I hung out with her numerous times that week.  We just bounced around, went to a couple friends’ houses.  She was mutual friends with some of my friends out there. “She’s 100% a party girl.”

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Palermo says she never mentioned Tiger Woods to him.

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