EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan Sending Subpoenas For The Holidays

Will the real Michael Lohan please Tweet?

Lindsay Lohan’s dad is gearing up for a very merry litigious holiday, telling RadarOnline.com that his lawyer has contacted Twitter’s legal department to track down and prosecute the many Michael Lohan imposters.

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In late November, a prankster posing as Lohan posted suicide Tweets, saying he was going to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. Lohan was not amused by the trickster’s Tweets and says he doesn’t even have a Twitter account. Until now.

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Lohan told RadarOnline.com that his lawyer “has also advised me to open a real Twitter account to prove the others are not me.”

Possibly one topic for his new account: the many people he says his lawyer has sent subpoenas to in connection to his ex-girlfriend. Lohan is steamed at reports he was arrested on a criminal contempt charge for violating a protection order that forbids him from calling estranged girlfriend Erin Muller.

She claimed Lohan called her Dec. 13 but his lawyer says she’s rubber, he’s glue, which is legalese  for “No I DIDN’T — SHE CALLED ME.”

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Meanwhile, Michael tells RadarOnline.com that his lawyer has issued nine subpoenas, all connected to Muller and his quest to prove the charges against him are false. The subpoenas are for various people who allegedly have damaging information about Muller.

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