EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Courtney Love’s Lawyer Says Star Will Do What’s Best For Daughter

Courtney Love once again lost custody of her daughter Francis Bean Cobain on Friday when a Los Angeles court awarded temporary guardianship of her 17-year-old daughter to Frances’ grandma Wendy O’Connor and aunt Kimberly Cobain.

Courtney Love Loses Legal Control Of Daughter

In an exclusive interview Keith Fink, Courtney Love’s lawyer, tells RadarOnline.com, “All I can tell you as Courtney’s friend is that she loves her daughter more then anything in the world. Courtney will no doubt do what is best for Frances and will surely take her teenage daughter’s desire and feelings into consideration with respect to the legal guardian issue.”

Maid Service Sues Courtney Love

And according to a neighbor of Cobain and O’Connor staying with the two could well be the best for Frances at this present time. “Wendy and Kimberly are really good neighbors that take good care of their property,” Christina Cox tells RadarOnline.com. “Kimberly is a really hard worker and they are both respectful and responsible people, so it is good that Frances will be living with them.”

This is the second time that Courtney has lost custody of Frances to the teenager’s grandmother. The first time was in 2003 following Courtney’s arrest for attempted burglary, a drug overdose and a suicide threat.

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